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If you are thinking about getting to Calgary airport by car then you must be thinking about the car rental option. Now, the point is when you are at a new place and you are driving a car you have to be extremely careful. In your country may be you can ask someone about the directions, but in a foreign country you cannot depend on that. Sometimes, especially at night it will not be a very wise option. So, the only way you have is to depend on the GPS and the local maps. If your car lacks GPS, you can use the one in your phone as well.

It is not very common driving to the airport with a rented car in a foreign country. If you are the adventurous type and have the option that a representative of the car hire company will receive the car at the airport, only then you should opt for it. Getting to the airport by a car is not a tough thing. All you have to do is to follow the signs and if you have a GPS, then there is nothing to worry about at all. Despite of that, having an idea about the route is nothing bad. It is rather a wise and nice thing to do.

Here you will get to know about the route that will take you to the Calgary airport from downtown Calgary. If you follow the route, you will be able to reach your destination safe and sound. As the distance between Calgary downtown and the airport is about 17 kilometers, it must not take more than half an hour to reach the terminal. In the case of traffic jams and other problems the time may get increased to about an hour. Your journey will start from downtown Calgary and you will have to take the Deer foot trail. By following this highway you will easily reach the airport. On your way you will come across places like, Bridgeland, Mayland Heights, Renfrew, Vista Heights, Mount view, Nose Creek Parkway and such places. The scenic beauty of the road has been just majestic. You will get to enjoy the pristine and beautiful nature. If you get started a little early, then you will get to spend some time among nature, undisturbed. The road to the airport will definitely offer you the true color and flavor of Canada. If you want, you can enjoy the journey more with hot coffee or other delicious foods, which are available at the roadside joints.

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