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Calgary Airport Buses

If you are a native of Calgary or have been visiting the place and you need to go to the Calgary airport, then there are various options that you can take. You can opt for car rental, sedan services and also for the train route. The above options will cost you a lot of money, except the train, but then being on a train will make your route a lot more complicated than you have thought about. So, the best and cheapest option that you have is the bus route. This is cheaper than any other type of conveyance and also a lot simpler to avail.

The 100 route connects the terminal to the train station and there is a bus service available for this distance. If you are thinking of availing a bus from the town to the airport itself, then there are chances of that too. If you want, you can use transit to get to the airport form the town. Calgary international airport is connected with the Calgary town through the express bus Rte 300. These buses run from the airport to the downtown Calgary. You have to pay $8 to get into the bus from the airport and from any other stop you will have to pay $2.75. If you are interested into boarding a bus to reach the airport, then you have to remember a few things and thinking about those things will indeed help you. Normally when you are going to the airport you are moving in an opposite direction from the daily commuters who make up the biggest part of the rush hour traffic. In such a case it will become quite as tough as swimming against the current. So you have to take into account the availability of the buses, the time that it will take you to reach the airport and your reporting time. If you can match these three things together, only then it is best to get into a bus to reach the airport.

Along with that you also have to remember that if you somehow can get into a bus, there will be no space for your entire luggage. These buses are designed for the commuters with a laptop or handbag and such small things. They are not for big bags and other luggage. It can be a big inconvenience to your fellow commuters if you get into the bus with a big luggage. In short, if you want to reach the airport comfortably and on time then getting a car is more reliable. Though, for the budget travelers, buses are the best options.